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Network and security : Access your data and protect it


Antivirus protection

If in 1990 there were already tens of thousands of viruses circulating on the Internet, there are now millions of them! This is due to new kinds of threats such as worms, Trojan horses or adware.

It is estimated that 2,000 new types of viruses are identified every day: this goes to show how the phenomenon has spread. This is why it is essential to take precautions against these threats, which are in no way virtual.
As Kaspersky partners, our technical staff undergoes refresher courses every year to ensure that the antivirus is installed perfectly.


ICON SA is a ZyXEL partner and recommends that clients install a ZyWALL firewall to protect their corporate data.

In addition to providing the Firewall function and router, ZyWALL will allow you to restrict the access to some websites for part or all of the company’s employees

  • Centralised security updates
  • Real-time protection: email, Internet, files
  • Restricting Internet traffic

antivirus and firewall installation


wireless access point

The 801.11i standard, which was ratified in 2004, brought security to wireless networks. In 2014, the 802.11ac standard provided the speed needed to compete with the performance of an Ethernet cable network.

With modern equipment, it is now possible to create multiple independent networks in order to facilitate access to specific profiles (for companies, visitors or consultants), without there being any interference due to multiple access.

  • Deployment of corporate WiFi networks
  • Setting up visitor networks
  • Performance optimisation
  • Security audit
  • Access protection
  • Installation flat-rates

Remote access

remote connection and VPN

To enable you to access data just as if you were sitting at your desk, we are able to implement different techniques:

Remote desktop

Remote desktop is a cost effective solution allowing remote access to one’s own workstation only.

Terminal server

To allow you to work from anywhere, just as if you were sitting at your desk – such is the aim of the Terminal Server.

It is possible to limit access to a list of employees, machines or predetermined locations. It goes without saying that connections are highly secured.


A VPN network allows you to establish a secure connection from an external location to your corporate network, via Internet. With VPN, you are able to access your files, as well as your software, databases and any other applications that need to be connected to the local network.

  • Remote desktop access configuration
  • Installation of VPN connections
  • Setting up Terminal Servers

VoIP telephony

VoIP phone

3CX IP PABX was developed for the Windows environment and works with standard SIPs.

It is easy to manage and allows you to use any SIP telephone (software or hardware).

Do you wish to replace your former central telephone system with an innovative solution? Find out more about the main advantages of VoIP telephony below.

  • Installation and configuration of IP PABX
  • Buy software and handsets
  • Advice and case study

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