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About our remote support

Remote support software allows us to view your screen and assist you in troubleshooting, installing software, updating or other help.

The software must be able to be downloaded and run on the workstation on which you need assistance. It does not require installation. There is therefore no need for an administrator's right. Once executed, the software will display an identification number which will have to be communicated to us.

 When you are finished, simply close the software. We will then lose the display of your screen and the control of your pc. In no case will we be able to reconnect without you running the software again.

  Remote support allows you to quickly get help from one of our technicians without the need for on-site travel, saving you time and unnecessary expense.

  Exceptionally, remote support is not possible. Indeed, in order to function, the support software needs at least that you always have an Internet connection and you have been able to log on to your pc.

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